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Always good food and service.

I've never had anything other than excellent food here. Don't need to say much more than that really. Recommended
placed by John Burton on the 25th August 2017

Great Food But Slow Delivery

The quality of our meal was very good but this was let down by the exceptionally slow delivery time of nearly an hour and a half. If they improve on the delivery times they will be getting top ratings!
placed by Andrew Francis on the 5th August 2017

Temple Woodford review

Very good service. Temple is always my go to curry house.
placed by Natalie Dowsett on the 28th July 2017

Loved it

Will be where I go for a curry now
placed by Debra Vella on the 25th September 2016

Best curry in woodford

Cosistently excellent
placed by Bailey Mitchell on the 17th September 2016

Very good

Very good food, on time and at a reasonable price
placed by Damian Sivajoti on the 19th August 2016

Amazing as always

always good and delivery always on time or even early
placed by Lorraine Aitken on the 12th August 2016

Great food & really fast & friendly

Always good food but was really impressed at how quick they got my order and made it
placed by Holly on the 12th May 2016


placed by Darren Brind on the 6th May 2016

First Order

A delicious curry and efficient service.
placed by Darren Brind on the 5th May 2016

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